Drève de Lorraine 43 1180 UCCLE
17.5/20 Gault&Millau
2 stars
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Sunday, Saturday
About this restaurant
Balanced, well thought out, sincere and perfectly executed… this is the best of what Belgian cuisine has to offer.
Blending art with intelligence, Pascal Devalkeneer achieves the perfect balance between traditional and avant-garde concepts. I met him at the “Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía” congress in San Sebastián, along with many other chefs of his generation.
The reason that I chose him is because he represents one of the hundred or so young chefs who have understood the importance of having impeccable technique, so as to achieve a job well done. In terms of professionalism and style, Pascal is a shining example for many younger chefs, and what interests me the most is his method of putting things into practice.
Both elegant and refined, Le Chalet de la Forêt’s decor shows each and every aspiring cook that the reputation of a restaurant is not built on top-quality cuisine alone: atmosphere, work and consistency count just as much as the menu.
Pascal is well-known for the attention that he pays to trends: he knows that there is a season for each dish, as well as each product, and that tastes and techniques evolve with the times.
An ardent supporter of seasonal cooking, he only uses ingredients that come from natural produce, as though he was cooking for himself. This almost philosophical approach is what makes all the difference in his dishes.
For him, cooking, as well as tasting, makes up part of the same experience – a joyful experience. Therefore, because he carefully keeps this idea in mind whenever he concocts one of his dishes, every last one of them appeals to all of our senses

Source : COCO “ 10 figures internationales de la cuisine sélectionnent 100 Chefs contemporains ” – Texte de Ferran Adrià – Edition PHAIDON
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