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Reviewed on: unknown

Carte traditionnelle, cuisine du terroir et...

Carte traditionnelle, cuisine du terroir et d'intéressante suggestion. En petite terrasse ou sur l'esplanade donnant sur la magnifique Abbaye. Casserolle de moules délicieuses.

Reviewed on: unknown

The quality was ok. The service was poor. We...

The quality was ok. The service was poor. We sat down, waited a long time, took our own menus and still had to get somebody's attention even though staff was passing us frequently. When another table later had to do the same they were told "I have only one, two hands!!!" (I would have left at that point if I were them). When we asked a question about part of the order we got the "I only have 2 hands" answer as well from another member of staff. People who were known to the staff got star-treatment though. All in all not a very nice experience. It felt as if they did not care much about tourists who don't give them repeat business, well they certainly will not get it from us.

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