1190 FOREST ( Brugmann - Héros )
13.5/20 Gault&Millau
French, Gastronomic, Brasserie
13.5/20 Gault&Millau
Henri Ier
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros )
Fondue, Suggestions of the week, Grill
Mother India
1180 UCCLE ( Stalle - Danco - Brugmann - Héros )
Au Petit Suisse
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros )
Swiss, Fondue, French
Le Parvis
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros )
Brasserie, Seasonal, Belgian-French
Le Petit Pont
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros )
13/20 Gault&Millau
13/20 Gault&Millau
L'ivre De Cuisine
1050 IXELLES ( Brugmann - Héros - Vanderkindere - Churchill )
13/20 Gault&Millau
Seasonal, Bistronomy, French
13/20 Gault&Millau
La Canne En Ville
1050 IXELLES ( Brugmann - Héros - Ma Campagne )
14/20 Gault&Millau
14/20 Gault&Millau
Le Comptoir Du 2eme Element
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros )
Thai, Asian
Resto Pizzeria Da Claudio
1050 IXELLES ( Brugmann - Héros - Châtelain - Ma Campagne )
Italian, Pizza
Bonobo Bar
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros - Vanderkindere - Churchill )
Wine Bar
Mito Brugmann
1050 IXELLES ( Brugmann - Héros )
Le Pain Quotidien
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros )
Greenz Biobar
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros )
Organic, Healthy food
Restaurant Falafilo
1180 UCCLE ( Stalle - Danco - Brugmann - Héros )
Au Delice
1180 UCCLE ( Brugmann - Héros - Vanderkindere - Churchill )
Le Balmoral
1050 IXELLES ( Brugmann - Héros )

Brussels, the heart of Europe !

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city with a certain charisma on an artistic, cultural, political and financial level. Brussels is also called the heart of Europe, as the most important European institutions have their head office in Brussels. That is also the reason why a lot of restaurants situated in Brussels are frequently visited by businessmen from all around the world.

Many travellers are struck by the impressive artistic and architectural patrimony of Brussels: foamy beer, delicious chocolate, and - as thé symbol of the city - “Manneke Pis”, the bronze statue of a little boy urinating in public since 1619. The many museums, altogether hosting a rich and extensive art collection, attract tourists from all over the world. Below, you will find a list of museums that are certainly a must for everyone who brings a visit to Brussels:

- Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium - Royal Museums of Art and History
- Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art
- Horta Museum
- Antoine Wiertz Museum
- Museum of Musical Instruments
- Charlier Museum
- Museum of the City of Brussels - Maison du Roi

The most beautiful square of Brussels rests in the centre of the old part of town: the ‘Grand Place’. The most breath taking buildings on the ‘Grand Place’ are the City Hall and the Guild House “King of Spain” - also known as the “House of the Bakers” -, both built in Gothic Style. The Breadhouse (used to be the building where bakers sold their bread in a covered market), right in front of the City Hall, now accommodates the Museum of the city of Brussels. Every 2 years, around August 15th, the Grand Place with all its magnificent guild houses becomes even more beautiful: the square is then covered with a flower carpet of thousands and thousands begonia’s in all colours.

Book a restaurant in Brussels and enjoy a gastronomical experience!

Brussels has an excellent gastronomical reputation. The Belgian kitchen belongs to the European top: it is a tasteful mix of Flemish and Walloon influences. Some Belgian specialties: shrimp croquettes, mussels with French fries, Brussels’ sprouts and chicory, “Waterzooi”, rabbit with plums and the traditional snail soup. The dishes are often served with beer, which Belgium can be rightly proud of. The different beers (there are more than 400 Belgian beers) can be tasted in the cafés, and there even exists a beer museum.

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