4000 LIEGE ( Center )
13/20 Gault&Millau
Ecailler, Crustacean dishes, Seafood
13/20 Gault&Millau
Telle Mere Telle Fille
4000 LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
Belgian, French, Liegeoise
Pane E Vino Liège
4000 LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Lambert - St-Laurent )
Italian, Authentic, Mediterranean
Le Bistr'ô
4000 LIEGE ( Center - St-Laurent )
Brasserie, French, Liegeoise
Restaurant Le Xviii Ieme - 18ieme
4000 LIEGE ( Place Du Marché - Center - Saint-Lambert )
14/20 Gault&Millau
French, Modern, Belgian
14/20 Gault&Millau
Dolce Di Bari
4000 LIEGE ( Saint-Leonard - North )
Italian, Organic, Seafood
Le Campus
4031 ANGLEUR ( Sart Tilman )
Brasserie, French, Grill
Le Galopin
4000 LIEGE ( Center )
French, Liegeoise, Brasserie
Tchicken's Bar
4000 LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
Burger, Chicken, Saladbar
Ô De Vie
15/20 Gault&Millau
Modern, French, Gastronomic
15/20 Gault&Millau
La Cafetaria
4000 LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
Meat, Brasserie, Liegeoise
Au Point De Vue
4000 LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Lambert - St-Laurent )
French, Brasserie, Italian
Autant Libre
4032 CHENEE ( Sart Tilman - Chênée )
Seasonal, Homelike, Bistronomy
Heliport Brasserie
4000 LIEGE ( Sart Tilman )
14/20 Gault&Millau
1 Michelin star
Brasserie, Crustacean dishes, Gastronomic
14/20 Gault&Millau
1 Michelin star
Wok D'asie
4020 LIEGE ( Vennes - Bonne Femme )
Chinese, Buffet, Wok

Liège, city of gourmets and gastronomy!

You will find a lot of nice restaurants, cafes, bistros and brasseries in the city center of Liège and the pedestrian zone around it. From cheap to fancy restaurants, from traditional and local specialties to more exotic dishes. You will always find a nice restaurant that suits your culinary preferences and budget. Le Carré, a maze of pedestrian streets, is the entertainment mecca of Liège and quite popular with students. In the ‘Outremeuse’ district, you can find a lot of great gourmet restaurants.

The Liège kitchen is a simple but very popular cuisine. Some of the specialties are the famous Liège stew, meatballs with fries, white pudding, grilled kidneys,… and not to mention the wonderful Hervé cheese and the «stron d'poye», (white cheese with Liège syrup), the buckwheat pancakes or the famous Peket (a local gin-based juniper which is commonly used in Liège preparations).

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