Sint-Niklaas is the capital of the Waasland and lies in the province of East Flanders. Its inhabitants are called St. Niklazenaren and their nicknames are oliezeikers, rapenbraders, dikke nekken, blauwselmannen or stoefers.

The city has an extensive range of shops, museums and monuments. Sint-Niklaas is also a cultural venue and a city where lots of events take place. In the region it is pleasant for walking and cycling.

The Grote Markt is the vibrant heart of the city and is the largest market of Belgium. Around the Grote Markt, in the town eager numerous original shops and cozy cafes to their treasures you can discover and taste.

Museum lovers can visit the voting, the Mercator Museum, The Rooms, the International Exlibris whether the Knitting Workshop.

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