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The restaurant Volle Gas can boast of a prestigious past. Its history dates back to the post-war period, at a time when Brussels brussellait... It was already beer, rodding, Faros and lambics.

What has always characterized the restaurant is its monumental bar solid oak consisting of 820 pieces assembled on-site by a cabinetmaker. The public are also urged to admire the famous stained glass at the top of the podium at the back of the restaurant. This stained glass is the work of the master Verrier Pierre Majérus.

Then it was the famous Pol who made the temple of Brussels jazz Volle gas.

Today the framework remained unique with its woodwork and old posters. The card offers a nice selection of classic dishes, Belgian specialties, grilled meat, fish, salads, pasta and even vegetarian dishes and children's...

With forty beers on the map, Volle Gas also remains a Mecca of the national beverage. You can even taste a very nice house beer.

The framework, the soul of the places and quality brasserie cuisine make Volle Gas base of many personalities of the cinema, politics and music.
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