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9000 GHENT Asian, Belgian-French, Buffet
9000 GHENT Thai, Chinese, Asian
Sushi Paradise
9000 GHENT Japanese, Sushi, Asian
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Asian Corner Gent
9000 GHENT Asian
9000 GHENT Asian
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De Orchidee Thai Wokrestaurant
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9000 GHENT Asian, Indonesian, Fusion
Oh My Poke
9000 GHENT Asian, Healthy food, Saladbar
Zuru Zuru Ramen
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Ramen Noedelbar
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9000 GHENT Asian
9000 GHENT Asian
9000 GHENT Asian
Wereldkeuken Gent
Asian, Belgian-French, Buffet
Lucy Chang Gent
Thai, Chinese, Asian
Sushi Paradise
Japanese, Sushi, Asian
Gado Gado
Asian, Indonesian, Fusion
Oh My Poke
Asian, Healthy food, Saladbar

Restaurants in Ghent

Ghent, one of the most beautiful historical cities in Europe with the finest restaurants!

Ghent is the capital of East Flanders. The city is situated at the junction of the Schelde and the Leie and is known as “The city of flowers” thanks to the many flower dwelling and horticultural exploitations around the city.

Ghent offers a wide range of possibilities. Besides the great hotels, the trendy shops, the bars and the many cultural and historical sites, you will also find innumerable fine restaurants in different price ranges.

The city combines an impressive past with a living present. Many tourists are visiting this one of the most beautiful historical cities of Europe the whole year round.

Ghent offers a lot of curiosities. Besides 2 medieval citadels, 19 museums, 5 abbeys and 3 beguinages, you will find dozens of churches and historical buildings.

The Gravensteen

The Gravensteen is one of the most important tourist attractions in Ghent. The fortress was in former days inhabited by the counts of Flanders but afterwards used as a mint, a court of justice and a prison with torture chambers. Today you can visit the varied collection of instruments of torture, the torture chambers and the oubliette.


The Patershol is a medieval district which consists of a crisscross of cosy alley ways and small streets. You will find all kinds of different types of restaurants but you can also admire the different historical façades. This district was restored entirely in the eighties and is now one of showpieces of the city of Ghent.

The City Museum of Contemporary Art (S.M.A.K.)

The S.M.A.K. is the largest museum for contemporary art in Flanders. Thanks to a collection of more than 2000 artworks and the many exhibitions that are organised, its fame stretches far abroad.

Either as a tourist or for business, Ghent will have always something for you in store! offers you a large choice of restaurants in Ghent at the best prices. You can also book a lot of restaurants in Ghent online.