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Reviewed on: 25/02/2017

good value

We enjoyed Lunch with family in this Lebanese resto. The atmosphere at entrance seems like another take away PITA place but the decor around the tables is excellent and actually shawarma was not even on menu which is typical for PITA places. We ordered "Assiette libanaise" dish which is 1 brochette and 4 mezze dishes to choice: so we tried humus (loved it!) the eggplant salad, Tabbouleh, labneh cheese, and some other Lebanese cheese salad - everything was delicious. We also ordered Assiette Tabbouleh with 2 brochettes+fries+salad tabbouleh. I read before a review saying dishes were not big enough, which i disagree - believe me, after you eat the Assiette Tabbouleh you're not hungry anymore. All dishes were ?10/dish while separate mezze were ?5 per mezze. All in all we paid ?17 per person wine included and dessert (delicious by the way) was offered. Excellent value quality.

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