Le Regence
LIEGE ( Longdoz )
French, Mussels, Grill
Oba Restaurant-grillades
LIEGE ( Burenville )
Turkish, Grill, Meat
Histoire Sans Faim
LIEGE ( Center )
French, Grill, Stone grill
La Maison Leblanc
LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
French, Belgian, Grill
Jacob's Restaurant
Meat, Grill, Charcoal oven (Josper)
News Bar & Restaurant
LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
Grill, Pasta, French
La Table Bovine
Meat, Stone grill, Grill
Le Grill Saint Paul
LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
Sushi, Asian, Grill
Le Bar A Boeuf
LIEGE ( Center - Feronstree - Place Du Marché )
French, Grill, Meat
La Roussette De Savoie
LIEGE ( Longdoz )
French, Grill, Swiss
LIEGE ( Center - Saint-Paul )
Taverne De L'univers
LIEGE ( Center )
Pasta, Grill, Seafood
Le Carre D'as
LIEGE ( Guilemins )
Grill, French

Liège, city of gourmets and gastronomy!

You will find a lot of nice restaurants, cafes, bistros and brasseries in the city center of Liège and the pedestrian zone around it. From cheap to fancy restaurants, from traditional and local specialties to more exotic dishes. You will always find a nice restaurant that suits your culinary preferences and budget. Le Carré, a maze of pedestrian streets, is the entertainment mecca of Liège and quite popular with students. In the ‘Outremeuse’ district, you can find a lot of great gourmet restaurants.

The Liège kitchen is a simple but very popular cuisine. Some of the specialties are the famous Liège stew, meatballs with fries, white pudding, grilled kidneys,… and not to mention the wonderful Hervé cheese and the «stron d'poye», (white cheese with Liège syrup), the buckwheat pancakes or the famous Peket (a local gin-based juniper which is commonly used in Liège preparations).

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