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Am I on candid camera?

After a hike in the woods we wanted to close the afternoon with a drink on a terrace (it was a beautiful fall day). Me, my mom and dad took a seat but since there were no menu's on any of the tables, me and my dad went to check out the menu which hung on the entrance door. As I saw a waiter approaching the door holding 2 trays I opened the door for him so he could easily step outside carrying the 2 trays. He came out and then completely ignored us. No thank you, no laugh, not even a nod or a hint of appreciation. Me and my dad looked at each other as if to say: did this really just happen? My first thought was: are we on candid camera? Never in my life have I experienced such a rude service. This was just insulting. I can't understand how a guy like that can work as a waiter?? I mean, even self service would be better than having someone like that wait on you. That guy should really get another job, preferably somewhere in a basement where he doesn't have to see or talk to anyone all day. Just himself and his rudeness... Oh yes, we obviously went somewhere else for a drink.

Reviewed on: unknown

When is a cow not a cow?

I was really pleased to come and eat here yesterday, I often pass the place and it is superbly situated for eating in the evening and being able to benefit from the last rays of sunshine of the day. Some family members were passing through Belgium and it was the perfect spot to meet up for supper. All three of us ordered steak and their steaks arrived first. Mine arrived 5 minutes later, but it was pork. When I tried to point this out to the waiter, he insisted that it was beef although it was white and looked completely different from the other steaks. When my guests also started to insist, he conceded that it was in fact beef-pork and that he would change it. He came back with something that still looked like pork about 20 minutes later but the others had finished eating and I'd completely lost my appetite (I find pork revolting). I didn't eat it but they insisted that I paid. The whole scenario was a bit weird, like a Machiavellian social experiment. Not recommended.

Reviewed on: unknown

Een gelegenheid waar we reeds vaak gepasseerd...

Een gelegenheid waar we reeds vaak gepasseerd zijn, nog nooit klachten gehad. Deze week met de hitte geen zin om te koken, dus 's avonds nog even gepasseerd om te eten. Klein hapje vooraf besteld voor ons 2, ikzelf een steak (waar niks op aan te merken was) met frietjes, mijn partner een salade met boord. Na een tijdje kwam ineens alles tegelijk op tafel, waar pas achteraf excuses voor werden aangeboden en we moesten het ook stellen met 1 portie frietjes en geen brood. Toen de dienster wat later nog eens voorbijkwam geïnformeerd naar het brood, wat ze blijkbaar nog wel kon brengen ... alleen waren onze borden toen al zo goed als leeg. We hadden misschien enige geste op de rekening verwacht, maar dit was dus niet het geval. Een jammere ervaring

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